District 4* Lake County Commissioner Leslie Campione:

  • Fights for fiscal responsibility at all levels of government 

  • Responds to constituents and is solution-oriented

  • Promotes common sense policies to promote small businesses

  • Seeks sensible, balanced zoning policies to protect our quality of life

  • Works to attract high wage job opportunities to all areas of Lake County

Key Achievements as a Lake County Commissioner: 

  • Stood firm against property tax millage increases

  • Works directly on projects to attract high wage jobs to Lake County

  • Supports state-of-the-art coordination between first responders and EMS to constantly improve medical emergency response times across Lake County

  • Advocated animal shelter reforms and “No Kill” animal shelter

  • Promoted “bear proof” trash cans in areas prone to bears

  • Helped with Lake Tech expansion to expand advanced manufacturing training and vocation based curriculum to Lake County students