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Leslie Campione Leslie Campione Leslie Campione
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Leslie Campione Leslie Campione Leslie Campione
Leslie Campione Leslie Campione Leslie Campione
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Leslie Campione
Leslie Campione Leslie Campione Leslie Campione
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Leslie Campione
Leslie Campione Leslie Campione Leslie Campione
Leslie Campione

Leslie Campione Leslie Campione Leslie Campione

Public Safety:

  • Public Safety and Emergency Services should be the number one priority of County Government

  • Strive to improve Emergency Medical Response times through greater coordination with all advanced life support providers in the County

  • Protect Lake EMS from financial pressure to privatize emergency transport services by assuring efficiency, transparency and accountability within the Lake EMS organization

  • Facilitate County-wide emergency dispatch at the County’s Emergency Operations and Communication Center to quicken response times and create monetary savings for cities willing to participate

  • Promote agreements between Lake County Fire & Rescue and municipal fire departments to assure that the closet unit responds to an emergency regardless of the jurisdiction thereby reducing redundancy and quickening response times for all Lake County residents

  • Enhance ambulance coverage in rural communities in the unincorporated areas of Lake County (e.g. Astor, Paisley, etc.) and strategically locate ambulances and resources to assure coverage in close proximity to retirement communities

  • Support Sheriff Borders as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Lake County, and promote a close working relationship between the County Commission, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and all law enforcement agencies in Lake County.

Reduce the Tax Burden on Residential Property Owners: 

Lake County has historically depended upon a growing residential tax base to support government services (i.e. new home construction), but this has resulted in residential taxpayers being saddled disproportionately with too much of the tax burden. Job creation in commercial and light industrial areas addresses this problem by achieving two purposes: it provides a diversified job base resulting in a lower unemployment rate thereby attracting young people, professionals and new job opportunities to Lake County, and it spreads the tax burden across a wider base thus reducing the burden on residential property owners. 


Promote Economic Growth and Private Sector Job Creation:

I am an advocate for new job creation, whether through the expansion of existing companies or the attraction of new companies, and I believe this can be achieved through proactive policies that signal to the private sector that Lake County welcomes businesses and job creation and thus is a friendly place to do business.  Tailoring curriculum at Lake Tech and Lake Sumter College to meet the needs of existing and emerging industries in Lake County is critical to our area’s economic success. In addition, achieving quality education within our public school system is probably the most critical factor in attracting new business opportunities  and high wage jobs to Lake County.


I believe that STEM focused job creation is critical to bringing high wage jobs to Lake County, but it requires community support (e.g. Robotic Programs), coordination and strategic planning between our Education Partners (School District, Lake Sumter State College, Lake Tech) and the Board of County Commissioners. I applaud the efforts that have been made thus far by our Education Partners and our community to advance STEM curriculum.


Fair and Responsive Local Government Officials and Common Sense Regulations:

I believe that elected officials should be accessible to their constituents and should be responsive to the greatest extent possible. It is critical that local government corrects rules and regulations that simply "do not make sense" or that unfairly restrict residents' individual rights and particularly their property rights provided that all property rights are balanced against the rights of surrounding or adjoining property owners. As residents we should demand rules and regulations that "make sense" and that are the least restrictive means to achieve their purpose.


Protect our "Lake County" Character and Natural Resources:

  • Our natural resources are a critical component of our Lake County quality of life. Through sensible and reasonable regulations we can protect our natural resources and our unique character, and improve infrastructure that accentuates our resources without impeding private property rights (e.g. trails, access to waterbodies). Regulations directed at an individual property owner's use of their land should be narrowly tailored to actually achieve the purpose of resource protection rather than imposing broad rules that take away an owner's right to use their property and exercise good stewardship of their own property.


  • There is a lot of interest in Lake County to fully implement a county-wide trail system (similar to the trail system in Seminole County and the Winter Garden area) that would attract weekend tourists and provide recreation and exercise opportunities for residents, which also draws new residents and high wage companies to Lake County who place value on trails as an important “quality of life” amenity. A master trail plan already exists, but actually building and maintaining such a trail system is very expensive but if trails are built in the right locations and with the right partnerships they can pay for themselves many times over. Careful consideration should be given to all capital improvements to assure they are sustainable economically and that their benefits offset ongoing maintenance costs so that they do not become a financial albatross.


  • The protection of springs, watersheds, lakes and drinking water (quantity and quality) are critical issues to Lake County. Although a lot of attention has been placed on water consumption whether by individual property owners with wells, municipal and private utility providers, farmers and ranchers, golf courses, manufacturers, and commercial bottling companies (beer, soda, juice and water), we cannot solve this problem locally for two reasons: (1) We are preempted by State "water consumption" laws and (2) Impacts to the Floridan aquifer due to water consumption do not stop at geopolitical boundaries (i.e. cities, counties, water management districts and state boundaries). Thus, we could do everything "right" in Lake County but our efforts would be undone by activities outside of our jurisdiction. Water consumption and the effect of wells on the aquifer is a very complex discipline (e.g. shallow wells and deep wells have different types of impact to surface water bodies, and proximity of wells in relation to surface water bodies can be a factor depending on site specific hydro geologic factors). Residents, rightfully so, become emotional about this issue when they watch lake levels declining and they have been severely limited in their use of water for irrigation on their lawns and told that our drinking water supply is at risk, yet they know that commercial entities, farmers, municipalities, utility companies, and sand mine companies are permitted to use water from the Floridan aquifer. We are getting mixed signals from the State water management districts and we want to know the truth. The issue of water consumption needs immediate attention by the State legislature. This issue is critical to the future of the entire State of Florida, and there are practical solutions that could be implemented on a state-wide basis that would protect the Floridan Aquifer and assure sufficient availability of drinking water for all residents at a reasonable cost while protecting our economy (farmers, industry, commercial activity, tourism, etc.).


Assure Efficiency, Accountability and Value when Providing Essential Government Services:

I believe that constant evaluation and scrutiny of the delivery of county services is the duty and responsibility of local elected officials in order to assure that tax dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently and residents are getting the best value possible. Set forth below are key issues related to many of these areas:


Transportation, Signalization & Stormwater:

  • Seek opportunities to address road maintenance issues at a faster pace than currently provided


  • Seek innovative and proactive solutions to providing a better sidewalk network for school children and pedestrians in appropriate areas

  • Apply consistent criteria to citizen requests for traffic signals to assure fairness and compliance with technical requirements


  • Utilize available State and Federal grants (which are funded by our gas taxes) to accomplish needed transportation improvements within Lake County so that local real property taxes can be conserved

  • Protect the water quality of our lakes by addressing drainage problems and treating pollution before runoff reaches our lakes  

Library Services:

  • Promote and embrace volunteerism, and provide ongoing support to all member libraries and library partners


  • Maximize the potential of libraries as centers for learning, cultural development, literacy programs, career and job preparation, and community involvement

Animal Services:
  • Significantly improve the adoption rate of pets from the County’s animal shelter (using outreach, simplifying the adoption process, and making physical improvements to the shelter that make it more inviting)


  • Significantly lower the euthanasia rate within the County’s animal shelter by utilizing euthanasia only when an animal is sick, vicious or "unadoptable" only after working directly with rescue groups to find a home for the pet

  • Promote responsible pet ownership, vaccinations, and the use of sterilization (spay and neutering) to control the pet population


  • Seek public input and possible implementation of a “catch, spay and release” program for cats to control the County’s feral cat population (rather than relying on euthanasia for population control considering that many residents will not contact animal control to pick up a stray cat if they know it will most likely be put down)

Active and Passive Parks & Public Lands:

  • Assure that County residents have access to lands acquired for public use


  • Maintain active parks in a good and safe condition to facilitate use of local parks by residents and maximize use of active parks for sporting events that promote economic activity & sports tourism

  • Utilize outsourcing, sponsorships and volunteerism to the greatest extent possible to cover maintenance costs


Social Services: 

  • I believe that County government can be an effective mechanism to encourage "out of the box" strategies, cooperation and volunteerism directed at helping those in need which improves the quality of life of our entire community. Lake County's "community work in lieu of incarceration" programs for juveniles who have committed non-violent offenses and "teen court" have been very effective tools in helping young people learn to make better choices before they reach adulthood.

  • The Lake County model of providing support to existing non-governmental organizations that provide needed social services instead of creating "government programs" and expanding the size and scope of local government has been a cost efficient and effective way of engaging the private sector, faith based groups, non-profits, and volunteers in these very important areas (e.g. affordable and safe housing, at-risk youth, rehabilitation, education, crisis centers, counseling, homeless services, elder care).

  • I wholeheartedly support the expansion of community efforts to address re-entry programs for those leaving the County jail and re-entering the private sector, so that a support system is in place for individuals seeking to make better life choices. To accomplish this goal, County government is a good vehicle to facilitate coordination between government agencies and churches, volunteers and other organizations that want to partner in these efforts. Having a well-coordinated and comprehensive re-entry program is a good fiscal policy because it lowers the recidivism rate (which saves tax dollars spent at the County jail), and it fulfills a very important social purpose of protecting the safety of residents and helping individuals put their lives on the "right track".


Trash Pick-up and Disposal:

I did not support the County’s decision to dispose of trash collected in Lake County at a landfill near Lake Panosoffkee in Sumter County beginning in October, 2014, nor did I support the decision to reduce the regular collection schedule for residents in unincorporated Lake County. However, those contracts have been awarded, and I am committed to supporting whatever changes are necessary to assure that residents are satisfied with the quality and quantity of service they are receiving and working to make the transition as good as possible.    


Land Use Regulations, Building Services: 

  • Assure that building and zoning technicians are customer oriented, friendly, reliable and considerate of the value of a resident’s time and building schedule


  • Adopt regulations that are the least restrictive means to achieve their purposes

  • Provide easy access to the permitting process, and assist with navigation of the permitting process at all levels


  • Protect property rights and provide balance between the rights of those asking for limitations on land uses and those who seek to utilize their property   

  • Protect residents against unlicensed contractors, and assure safe building practices

  • Protect our valuable natural resources and the unique character of Lake County through sensible and reasonable regulations


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Leslie Campione
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